About us

General Practice Registrars Australia (GPRA) provides grassroots solutions to issues canvassed from the future general practice workforce, from medical students through to fully qualified, independent general practitioners. Because of its high degree of interaction with all new entrants into medicine, GPRA is perfectly positioned to deliver targeted national programs in this landscape. GPRA is solution-oriented and has a demonstrated track record in problem solving and program delivery. With a number of networks spanning every stage of medical training, GPRA is a strong advocate and vital player in the future direction of general practice in Australia.

The Going Places Network (GPN) is a prevocational doctor network that promotes exploration of the world of general practice during hospital training. It provides a single, clearly identifiable source of access, information and career advice about general practice for prevocational doctors. The network runs a series of career and educational events around the country and has a presence in 65 percent of all teaching hospitals throughout Australia.

The General Practice Students Network (GPSN) is run by students interested in general practice. The network is facilitated by GPRA to create programs and resources to support the next generation of Australia's general practitioners. There are 21 active GPSN clubs in medical schools across Australia.

The Indigenous General Practice Registrars Network (IGPRN) provides a forum for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander registrars to provide professional and cultural support to one another. This network connects and undertakes exam preparation via two face-to-face workshops each year and an online discussion/study forum. General Practice Education and Training’s (​GPET) assisted the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander registrars in establishing the IGPRN back in 2008 and then in 2012, GPRA agreed to manage the co-ordination of the network.



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